Durio and Phillips Obtain Ruling Awarding $2,500,000 Mineral Interest in Large Utah Tract

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DMSA attorneys Steven G. "Buzz" Durio and Daniel J. Phillips have recovered a 25% mineral interest in a 13,500 acre Utah tract.  The matter, entitled Utah Reverse Exchange, et al v. Linda Donado and William Donado, Suit No. 14-408, was filed in the United States District Court by several entities controlled by Charles K. "Buddy" Breland.  Durio and Phillips, representing defendants Linda and William Donado, counterclaimed for breach of contract and detrimental reliance in connection with properties in Mexico and Utah.  After a trial in February 2016, a jury awarded $250,000 in damages for detrimental reliance in connection with the Mexico Property.  All Breland entity claims and the counterclaims relative to the Utah property were heard by the U.S. District Judge.  On November 4, 2016, the District Judge issued a ruling relative to the Utah property dismissing all Breland entity claims and awarding a 25% mineral interest in the Utah property to the Donado's.  Based on an appraisal in August 2016, the mineral interest is estimated to be worth $2,500,000.

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