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Business is an area of practice that has developed largely over the years and is something that should be handled with experience and care. Forming, protecting, and preserving your business are all essential to the success of your operation.
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Defending care takers is very rewarding and also very extensive. Aside from medical malpractice defense we also represent the business aspects. Human Resources, Board of Actions, contracts, work related injuries, and trespassing are all things we consider when it comes to protecting hospitals and their staff, so that they can focus on giving their patients quality care.
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Government Work

Governmental Work is an interesting area of practice because while we may be servicing government owned operations directly, our services to them ultimately benefit the general public. Creating a solid foundation in which our communities can thrive is something we take pride in.
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Public Record

Louisiana has an extremely powerful Public Records law, and it is very important that the governed are properly taken care of by their presiding delegates. Giving the public access to records helps to keep government officials in check, and ensures the that the public is being treated fairly.
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When confronted with a confusing or difficult problem litigation is not always the solution. We find its always best to treat each conundrum as its own entity and to curtail each plan of action to best match the needs of each individual obstacle.
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Sometimes the best way to get a point across is by demonstration using props to aid in not only litigation but also any other kind of necessary legal action. Providing a visual is a powerful tool to utilize when presenting a topic that needs a lot of description as it can better represent the task at hand to the judge and also the jury.
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What to Know About the Trial of Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope

Over two years and hundreds of thousands of dollars, the public records case against Lafayette City Marshal Brian Pope continues.This video provides an overview of the issues and ramifications of this seminal case. Literally, no reported decision in Louisiana has resulted in uncovering numerous felony acts, higher penalty and costs awards , or the imposition of criminal contempt against a public record custodian.
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Free Speech & Free Press Panel Discussion

What are the constitutional, economic and societal ramifications of so-called "fake news" and instant access to events that confront us daily and even hourly? The Free Speech-Free Press forum sponsored by Acadiana Open Channel featured several local news and media leaders discussing the First Amendment threats posed in our current political environment and how they can and are impacting us locally. It is a thoughtful hour of discussion.
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Meet Gary McGoffin, Attorney in Lafayette

With over 40 years of experience, Gary McGoffin is still in the game with no intention of retiring! As a founding partner of local firm DMSA, Gary is constantly making moves to provide assistance to Acadiana by having regular involvement in business, health care and governmental issues. He believes that time is important and by practicing his services he’s contributing to a bigger and better picture here in Lafayette. “I enjoy the people that I work with. I enjoy the people that I practice with. I enjoy the clients that I get to represent.”
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Get to Know Gary McGoffin

Gary McGoffin and his family have dedicated much of their lives to philanthropic work. Both of Gary’s parents played an instrumental role in his journey as a Boy Scout, teaching Gary and his two brothers that public service was of the utmost importance. While Gary’s father founded Troop 156, his mother served as Gary’s first Scout leader and den mother. "We were always focused on the community, we were always focused on service, and it has guided me to this day." Gary and his wife Thelma have been married for 38 years. Together, they have raised three sons and have continued to instill the values of selflessness and service in their children, just as Gary’s parents had done for him and his brothers.
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Basic Tips for Public Records Requests

Louisiana has a very powerful Public Records Law that requires immediate turnover and has strong penalties to ensure that the citizens can get the public records that they're entitled to. Here are some basic tips that are useful in preparing requests for public records and for the custodian receiving those requests.
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Louisiana Public Records Law

Louisiana public records law is a powerful tool that shines a light on the public's business and information. This 13 minute overview will introduce you to the basics from the perspective of records custodians, record requesters and litigants. There are three potential client groups that can utilize public records; Custodians, Requestors, and Litigants.
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Involvement with the Lafayette Parish School System

Clients are interested in resolving the problems that confront them. Oftentimes, an attorney can help find that solution without protracted and expensive litigation. The Lafayette Parish School System desegregation case is a good example. While many in the community wanted to "fight the feds", the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce led the way to a community supported result rather than a legal fist fight. I was proud to play a part in that result.
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Louisiana Swamp Base

The Atchafalaya swamp brings many benefits to the state as a whole and Louisiana Swamp Base will serve as a place for educating others. This amazing facility will be able to accommodate various groups and events including university research, special needs and the general public! The largest swamp in the world is in our backyard and through this great project, we will be able to take in its beauty and enjoy it as much as we all should. The proposed Swamp Base facility will have a gorgeous view of the Atchafalaya. Swamp tours are still running and the popular airboat tours will be back soon. We hope that you join us in watching this develop into something great for our state, as well as a statement piece for the Atchafalaya!

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